Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Battery Poaching

     So I am not a battery person, I shall rephrase, my fiance and I are not battery people.  We don't have a "supply."  We have poached any and all batteries in the house for the TV remotes and the wireless mouse and swap with the digital camera when needed.  We're out. 
     Come last night when we're in the middle of trying to cut our cats claws (more on that bugger some other time,) and I start beeping loud.  My pump does I mean.  Scares the cat, so he gets another Pounce treat...I check what the hell is the matter with the pump and it says low battery.  Crap.  I have yet to purchase the expensive, special lithium batteries for this sucker.  So, I forget for the moment and continue torturing my kitty.  He was fine after many Pounces...
     Thirty mins later, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!  Remember that I need to go to Target...check the pump and bam! "Battery dead, I refuse to give you anymore insulin 'cause you didn't pay attention to me!"  (or something to that affect a more technical format.)  And it won't shut up until it gets it's dead battery taken out...
     So off to Target I run, purchase expensive batteries for the pump and the smaller ones for the remote...and now I'm a good girl and have backup batteries (which I hid so they don't get poached for the electronic gadgets!) 
Someday I'll learn.

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Weekend Warrior said...

Like a hawk I locate those batteries almost instantly. I say to myself "Hello little juicy ones" and out of nowhere this arm flies across and bats them right out of my hands. Guess I need to pick up my own batteries.