Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Six Until Me.: Diabetes Terms of Endearment: Third Edition.

Sharing this hilarious, but educational list of words PWDs use regularly. Courtesy of Six Until Me.

Six Until Me.: Diabetes Terms of Endearment: Third Edition.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad BG Days

High numbers, good eating, good bedtime numbers and horrible mornings!  Ugh.  Cause: bad infusion sites.  I've had two in the past week and a half...it makes me so frustrated when I go to sleep at 108 bg and wake up to a 378!  There wasn't a low involved, either, as I was up during the night and was fine.  On Sunday, I woke up again high and it wouldn't go down!  I waited almost 3 hours and nothing, so I gave myself a shot, which finally worked and I could finally eat!  Changed that sucker after extreme sidewalk shoveling was completed which should have caused a low, but didn't.  Stupid pumper.  I'm guessing my upper sides of my stomach area are not the best.  I'm going to try putting a site in my arm one of these days...just have to plan the clothing, sleep wear, etc. 

--I also learned that sweet potatoes are not my blood sugar's friend.  So long yummy things, you're reserved to days of insulin gorging.