Friday, March 11, 2011

Doughnut Low

Being diabetic and having a low blood sugar isn't always a bad thing...

Like today when I went for my daily soda there was a little custard-filled, chocolate-glazed, doughnut calling my name.  I bought it with the thought, "I feel like I may be low and I sorta hope I am!"  I was.  BG of 49.  Ha.  Good timing.   It was delicious.  The pudding is my favorite part.   

I wonder sometimes if our psyches get the better of us type-1s because having a low = a treat sometimes.  Growing up without being able to eat whenever/whatever treats we wanted, maybe now, subconsciously, our bodies give a little "woo hoo, I'm low, eat something yummy!  Screw those icky glucose tabs!"