Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donate Your Supplies!

I have just read a bunch of articles and blogs about the Alabama tornados and the hardship left behind, especially for those with diabetes.  No refrigerators or decent food and supplies were sucked up by the tornado and disappeared!  So, people need D-Stuff.  Insulin, meters, strips, needles, etc.  A great article/blog was posted by Victoria Cumbow, a journalist for The Huntsville Times and she has organized the drive through the Alabama JDRF.  Please read the story here.  I'll be sending a bunch of pen needles and some Lantus pens, as I really don't need them and others do!

Please send your donations to:

Huntsville JDRF
2225 Drake Ave.
Office 17, Suite K
Huntsville, Alabama 35805

***Mark the box as "D-Supplies for Tornado Relief."  Attn: Victoria Cumbow and Karen Morris.

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