Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nice Legs...

I've been meaning to write triumphantly about Inset sites I've been randomly trying.  Yesterday, I used the front of my thigh, which I have done two times in the past and am quite liking it still.  I actually never used my legs when doing injections before.  They just seemed to hurt too much.  No pain here, besides the tugging from almost getting pulled out by my pants (the jeans did succeed once) or undies, but nothing a Hello Kitty bandaide can't help out and support! 

Don't be scared by the white, MN skin; it hasn't seen sunshine yet this year ;)

---Aside: my dad has given my sisters and I boxes of Hello Kitty Bandaids for years in our Christmas bags.  We generally only use them when they are visible to others, since they're cute. 

Anyone seen or heard of extremely weird pump sites being used or rigging of the Inset/site to keep it attached in rough terrain? 

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