Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a Treasure I Have on My Hands!

After an extremely busy week and weekend of my step-sister's wedding, I was finally able to start stripping my cabinet last night.  Trust me, it took Jeff and I a lot of elbow grease and strength to get the hardware and doors off of this piece.  I started with the cabinet door just to try and get the garish, red paint off of it and was absolutely amazed to see the shadows of an etched design on the glass that was underneath!  I've shown a picture from my cell phone of the first view of the design.  I was seriously giddy...Jeff and the neighbor guy were watching and may have thought I a bit nutty to get so excited over an old cabinet!
This was only the back side of the glass, as the front was still covered in a layer of paint.  I can't believe someone painted over this!  Once it was cleaned up a bit more on both sides, I could see that the etching was still in amazing shape, no scratches that jump out so far.   I need to get my digital camera batteried up so can take some decent pictures.  I will also be adding pictures to show the hideous paint colors that were layered on these poor little doors.  Oh and I had a wicked low during my project, self-induced, as I didn't want to quit working!  Worked myself into a tizzy, I did!  I think I may have to make a temporary "project basal" level to turn on when I'm busy in the garage. 

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Julie said...

Goodness! Can't believe anyone thought it'd be good to cover that up! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.