Friday, March 30, 2012

I dream of lemons...

I had lemon trees in my dream last night.  Obviously, we weren't living in MN in this dream.

I have starting my veggie seeds on my kitchen table, a couple each week and now the table is full.  We have to eat in the living room. 

Last night I designed my gardens on paper, which actually worked out pretty well.  In my front patio garden, I don't think there will be the vast multitudes of flowers like last year (I planted hundreds!) but I plan on filling in all of the spaces around the tomatoes and peppers with flowers so it is full.  I don't like to see dirt or grass clippings amongst my plants.  Too dirty. 

But all of this plant thinking during the day is impeding on my dreaming!  I think I am meant to live in one of those 2-3 growing season states someday, according to my dreams.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I blew through a Twinkie

I did not think I'd blow through a Twinkie in 25 mins.  It's amazing what your body can do.
As I spouted off the other day about trying to NOT get a low blood sugar when I am running, I'm still experimenting.  I started off last night with a BG of 129 at 6:00 pm (I'm at a basal rate of .45 from 2:30-7:00pm) and a teeny bit of afternoon snack-insulin on board still, so I ate a Twinkie snack cake (28 carbs-mostly straight sugar) hoping that'd take care of it.  

Nope, went for just under a 1.5 mile run (25 mins) and came home to a BG of 67 and an evening of almost being low (granola bar was necessary) until I went to bed. Took a big swig out of the milk carton for good measure before bed and woke up to a 164.  Not bad. 

If I run today, I will turn the basal down to .25 at around 5:30 and also make sure I'm higher when I start.  Maybe a BG of 150 will be a good number to try and be at.  I'll do the same route also.  We'll see what this lovely evening brings.  

*I do always have glucose tabs in my pocket, along with my cellphone in case I need to stop or get lost in my neighborhood 'cause I'm confused.  I also tell my husband or text him, if he's not home-he works 3 miles away, my exact route and the estimated time I should be out. 

**Twinkie Disclaimer:  I do not eat Twinkies on a regular basis-I've probably had 3 in my life, I'm a Swiss Cake Roll girl myself :) 
We had a pack because I am trying out ideas for my husband's birthday, which coincides with the anniversary of the start of the Mayan calendar (the theme will be a Mayan/end of the world as we know it/Twinkies can outlast a nuclear bomb/my husband's amazing party.) 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Damn Diabetes

Seems that I cannot run more than 2 miles at a time without the BS going low.  I neeeed to run 3.1 miles for my first-ever 5k run the end of April!  I make a point of chowing down 3 glucose tabs after miles 1.5 and hope for the best, but the vision is getting fuzzy and its time to call it quits.  

I do walk the rest of the time while "hoping" I begin to feel normal, as 2 miles is a necessity at this point in my little training plan.  But to no avail, and its time to go home for a substantial snack.  

I think that I will try NOT bolusing for dinner tomorrow (or whenever the next run is) as I have been covering 1/2 of the carbs I eat the last couple runs and that just isn't working.  We'll see if it works!  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Here is the yummy Tandoori chicken, whole wheat flatbread, tzatziki dip and toppings that I made on Thursday night last week.

I call it Indo-Greek food

Recipe will be on the recipe page tomorrow!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tandoori Chicken & Vince Neil

Dinner plans for this evening entail tandoori chicken, homemade flatbread, grilled peppers and tzatziki dip.  I will be in my raincoat at the grill.

I'll take pics and blog about it this weekend, as I'm going to go see Vince Neil in concert on Friday night!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and Summer Goals

1. Keep creating and nurturing a wonderful marriage.
2. Get over and done with my carpal tunnel surgery as quick as I can and get my hand strength back quickly so I can do the following:
3. Plant my garden smartly and seasonally so I can reap the benefits.
4. Have lots of fun with my sister and little nephew at the "Pond" this year :)
5. Keep my diabetes numbers under good and get better control in preparations for kids!
6. Enjoy the sun and neighborly fun we are always sure to have.
7. Finish my Hoosier Cabinet!
8. Bake more.
9. But less packaged food.
10. Can and freeze all that I can.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Raking is a Pain in my Arms...

It was amazingly gorgeous out this weekend in normally-cold MN (it was hot!) and my messy garden was calling.  So I raked up the rest of the dead stuff and pulled out plants that were missed last fall.  I took it slow and tried not to over-use my arms because I have carpal tunnel issues in both wrists.  And it doesn't make your wrists hurt at all, its your arms and elbows that are aching, the hands are numb to the point of pain and everything swells up.

Well, early Sunday morning around 3:45 am I wake up and with excruciating pain in my left arm, so much that I took a leftover Vicodin from my hubby's back injury supply and proceeded to go downstairs to keen and curl up in the fetal position on the couch with my arm hanging over the edge, to wait it out with a Law & Order marathon on TNT.  The meds finally kicked in after and hour and a half and I could go back to sleep fitfully as the pain doesn't go away totally, just enough to relax and go to sleep.

I have surgery for my right wrist (the left may get a cortisone injection at the same time since it's also behaving badly) in May.  Horrible timing in my gardening/planting/summer project calendar! 

I'm doing the right first, as it is the "worst" according to the test results and also because my ring finger has seized up.  It doesn't bend by itself anymore, which is so weird.  Right now I can't carry anything too heavy, like lots of groceries, driving is annoying so I have to switch off hands and barely ever drive with two hands on the wheel, and I can't sand my cabinet that is waiting in the garage, as the vibrations really wreak havoc on the nerves.  It's taking me a long time to type today, as I have to stop every couple of lines to let my hands rest and stop tingling!  PITA!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Cheerios Mystery

I like plain Cheerios and apparently my body does too, as in hardly any insulin needed!  For some reason, the 25-35 grams of carbs (sometimes I eat more than the 1 svg or I drink the milk) that are ingested on a Cheerio day reacts like I only ate maybe 10-15.  I have finally realized that and only bolus 3/4s of what is usually required for that amount of carbs.  Makes me feel like the ol' pancreas is working sometimes...

Anybody else have a food that acts back-a$$ backwards for insulin needs?

My new website and blog are coming along swimmingly!  I'm going to work on it a lot this weekend-though it going to be in the 70s might make that hard!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Like my new blog?

I've decided to change my blog name, as I find myself talking more about food and gardening than JUST diabetes.  I wanted to have more of a concrete theme that had room for a bigger variety of stories.  I obviously will never be un-diabetic, so it will rear it's ugly head in more than one story I'm sure.  I'm looking to redesign my blog too, so I can better organize it and sort my posts. 
Thanks for still following you 6 people, and hopefully there will be more soon!

It is Spring!

I planted onion seeds on our anniversary in late February.  I'm so romantic. 

Never knew that onions unfolded and the seed ends up in the air...

They are now about 3 inches tall.  My plan is to grow them and transplant into the new raised beds I am creating this year.  They probably will get leggy, but I'll plant some seeds also to get a staggered harvest and see how they grow.   
I also built a little green house out of "culled" (love that term) scraps from the Home Despot, leftover plastic window insulation and some plumbing pieces. 

It's a bit wonky, but don't hate on creativity!

Chamomile has also chosen to make an appearance.  I'm going to plant as much as I can in my garden, as last year I didn't and only was able to harvest about 1/2 c. of the flowers.  You can't make much tea or hair rinse out of that!
Tiny little buggers. 
My dear hubby has also gotten on the band-wagon and collected some random 2x4s from work that I will be making into some raised garden beds in our yard.  This next weekend will be splendid, so hopefully we can get them cut and put together.  I'll post about that later.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chicken Soup!

A week ago, it was cold here in MN, so the soup would have been perfect.  Now its forcasted to be near 70 degrees at least a couple days this week, so hot soup just doesn't seem right.  The rest is going in the freezer!

Recipe HERE

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Kitty, that's my pot pie!"

This is what was created out of the leftover roast chicken.  I used a 9" deepdish pie plate and only used puff pastry on the top.  I have an aversion to soggy bottoms.  We had another couple over and between the 4 of us-actually the guys ate 3/4s of it-it disappeared! 

There were plenty of South Park pot pie quotes laughed at :)  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Week of the Chicken

My dear husband has "suggested" that I need to use up my frozen food supply because it drives him crazy that there are bags of "things" taking up "valuable space."  One in particular-the frozen chicken.  So this week is the week of the chicken.  5 lbs. actually is a lot of chicken once you scrape it all off. 

I made a delicious lemon, garlic and butter roasted chicken with root vegetables.  I stuffed lemon slices and smashed garlic under the skin and smooshed butter over the whole thing like Julia Child, then stuffed it with lemons, onions and carrots.  It was gorgeous.  And I forgot to take a  picture.  Anyhoo, we have a lot left. 

The rest of the week's creations will be:

1.  Chicken Pot Pie.  I need to master homemade puff pastry.
2.  Chicken Noodle Soup.  From this amazing roast bird came 2 cups of amazing broth.  It's drinkable.
3.  The usual chicken sandwiches that I'll be eating, as husband doesn't like leftover chicken bits.

I'm thinking maybe this sort of cooking schedule/plan would work excellent for us to continue-buying a chunk of meat and then creating very different meals for the rest of the week out of it, since we are both busy and he works late into the evenings many days.  Case in point-we didn't eat this amazing chicken until almost 9:00 last night. 

I did cook up the gizzards thinking my cat, Stickee would enjoy some, but he passed with a sniff.  His favorite people foods are yogurt (the weird flavors like lime and orange,) icecream (not chocolate,) french fries and cheese and lettuce sandwiches.  He's weird.