Friday, March 30, 2012

I dream of lemons...

I had lemon trees in my dream last night.  Obviously, we weren't living in MN in this dream.

I have starting my veggie seeds on my kitchen table, a couple each week and now the table is full.  We have to eat in the living room. 

Last night I designed my gardens on paper, which actually worked out pretty well.  In my front patio garden, I don't think there will be the vast multitudes of flowers like last year (I planted hundreds!) but I plan on filling in all of the spaces around the tomatoes and peppers with flowers so it is full.  I don't like to see dirt or grass clippings amongst my plants.  Too dirty. 

But all of this plant thinking during the day is impeding on my dreaming!  I think I am meant to live in one of those 2-3 growing season states someday, according to my dreams.

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