Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Week of the Chicken

My dear husband has "suggested" that I need to use up my frozen food supply because it drives him crazy that there are bags of "things" taking up "valuable space."  One in particular-the frozen chicken.  So this week is the week of the chicken.  5 lbs. actually is a lot of chicken once you scrape it all off. 

I made a delicious lemon, garlic and butter roasted chicken with root vegetables.  I stuffed lemon slices and smashed garlic under the skin and smooshed butter over the whole thing like Julia Child, then stuffed it with lemons, onions and carrots.  It was gorgeous.  And I forgot to take a  picture.  Anyhoo, we have a lot left. 

The rest of the week's creations will be:

1.  Chicken Pot Pie.  I need to master homemade puff pastry.
2.  Chicken Noodle Soup.  From this amazing roast bird came 2 cups of amazing broth.  It's drinkable.
3.  The usual chicken sandwiches that I'll be eating, as husband doesn't like leftover chicken bits.

I'm thinking maybe this sort of cooking schedule/plan would work excellent for us to continue-buying a chunk of meat and then creating very different meals for the rest of the week out of it, since we are both busy and he works late into the evenings many days.  Case in point-we didn't eat this amazing chicken until almost 9:00 last night. 

I did cook up the gizzards thinking my cat, Stickee would enjoy some, but he passed with a sniff.  His favorite people foods are yogurt (the weird flavors like lime and orange,) icecream (not chocolate,) french fries and cheese and lettuce sandwiches.  He's weird.

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