Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My First 5k!

I have been teaching myself how to run this spring and as motivation, I signed up for the Fitger's 5k, in Duluth, MN this weekend (grew up in the area and still have family and am running with my sister and my Dad's wife).  I haven't been able to really run the full 3.1 miles, as my blood sugars tend to drop if I get my heart rate up too high for too long.  I have found that if I make a point of taking a 1-2 minute break after a mile and then again after each 1/2-3/4 mile and just walk, I don't get so low, as fast.  Inhaling some purple glucose tabs helps a little too.

I've only lost 3 lbs.  BUT, I have shrunken down a bit and am not as bloaty-looking around the middle.  Guess that's progress.  I think that when I get back to the lower-heart rate cardio (my beloved elliptical machine) with some high-rate intervals and weights mixed in, the shrinkage will go much faster. 

I am participating in our local mega-gym's team training program, which consists of 2 workouts a week and the blood sugars have been pretty steady during those.  The workouts consist of high intensity interval training with some weights and lunges thrown in for fun.  I hate lunges.  The "heavier" ladies are losing weight like there's no tomorrow but I have to remember I'm in better shape to start with and have more muscle.  Still sucks though not to see the numbers.

Wish me luck I don't freeze running on the shore of Lake Superior this weekend!

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