Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy little bees!

My hubby, JB and I have been very busy this past week and this weekend!  He has been extra productive, leveling some spots in our yard and throwing down some grass seed.  The gardens were also all tilled, compost added, seedlings and seeds planted, my herb spiral has started to take shape but needs lots more dirt and filler.  JB also mowed the vacant house next to us, since the lawn was looking pretty bad and the landlord was very appreciative.  We also decided we'd donate some Hostas to their front area as well, because our previous neighbors weren't that into keeping up there yard.  Hopefully this brings in some decent people to fill the space.  I'll be taking some pictures of my gardens so I can have some decent before and after photos for this year, as I think it will be a good one!

This week's list of to-do's:
1.  Finish planting all of my seedlings and seeds
2.  Finish the herb spiral and start purchasing the plants
3.  Get a bird feeder
4.  Purchase more flowers to fill in the empty spaces
5.  Clean my house thoroughly before my surgery on Thurs!
6.  Make some dinners to have on hand for the rest of the week while my hand     is laid up
7.  I probably should tie up loose ends at work too :)

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Lisabeth said...

You know that rivering to Suzanne's blog will just get you readers??? Don 't you. Smart move, I didn't know you were here. Nice blog!