Sunday, May 20, 2012

Herb Spiral and Patio Garden

As promised the other day...I finally have some pictures of my herb spiral and my patio garden.  

New Herb Spiral

So far I have two basils, rosemary, an interesting fuzzy oregano, cilantro (coriander,) and lemon thyme.  I will be adding a Greek oregano and possibly a nice plain chive to fill the bottom space.  I haven't quite thought of what to fill the surrounding area with yet.  I am leaning towards some bright flowers since there's so much green!

Patio Garden 
The above is my patio garden, which this year is mostly vegetables.  I will be filling in all the empty space with annual flowers though, as I can't NOT have color!!!  Who loves that ugly fence as much as me?  

The far corner is the catnip grove as I call it, it has 6-8 bushes that will grow about 3-4 ft. each.  The stuff is very potent, according to my cat, Stickee.  Our mild winter had a couple little volunteer bushes that grew near the steps and my cat escaped one day and we found him 6 ft. from the door, in the snow, chomping on some freeze-dried catnip :)   I will probably sell some this fall, as I have some ideas for some cute little cat toys.  

***Update:  after the vast amount of rain and heat this past weekend, everything in the gardens grew about 1-2 inches!  I also have a pea flower!  Can't wait to eat those.  It's been an amazing spring, as we'd usually be just starting to plant!  I love having a jump start.

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