Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scary Low at Lowe's

Yesterday after work (BG was 145 with a little insulin on-board, but nothing to worry about) I sauntered over to Micheal's to grab some foam boards for my pelmet boxes I'm making for the kitchen windows.  What's a pelmet box, you ask?  Check out this tutorial at Little Green Notebook.  Cheap and awesome decoration!  

So, after leaving Micheal's, Lowe's is right next door, so I went over there to check on some brackets for hanging said pelmets and after having a helpful worker make a couple suggestions that just weren't working at all in my head, I thanked him and he left on his merry way.  I was still pondering the brackets and noticed it was really hot in there, like they didn't have the AC on all day.  So I'm fanning my face with my papers and I just start sweating all over.  My back was sweating, my face had beads of sweat rolling down.  And only after noticing that noone else was hot or sweating and that I couldn't pay attention to what the hell I was doing, I bothered to whip out the blood tester and check,  37.  It crashed from 145, LESS THAN AN HOUR AGO.  There was no way enough insulin in me to do that.  

So, thank God I was at the end of the isles near the checkouts and there happened to be a nice lady who asked if I was ready to go, and I just said, "I need candy, where are your candy bars?"  All I could see was beef jerky, no carbs anywhere!  She showed me where they were and I think could tell that I was a little out of it, covered in sweat, probably white as a ghost, just about ripping open a giant Snickers bar without paying...and offered to check me out quickly in the self-check out lane.  I told her I'm diabetic and she said, "oh, ok I thought so...you better eat that fast so you don't pass out!"  I went and sat on a little bench by the doors.  I actually ate the whole, King-Size Snickers I felt so crappy-that's 60 carbs!  Apparently I needed that many, as I checked again for the next hour or so and it only went up to 147.   Boy, was it was delicious.  

 I'm thinking I'll be watching my afternoon basals more closely today.  

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