Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weather gods are smirking?


Doesn't this look lovely?  A bit stormy, but the rain and warmth are needed.  I'm hoping my little plants will get all jazzed up with the warmth and double or triple in size by this coming weekend.

This week I planted the Scarlett Runner Beans, Scarlett O'Hara & Grandpa Ott Morning Glories, and Trionfo Violetto beans.  I came across a description of these heirloom beans on the You Grow Girl blog-which has tons of useful garden info on it-recommend reading this for urban-gardening info also. 

The rest of the patio garden (6'x25'+?) is now all weeded and chopped up, waiting for the rain.  I have chosen to fill my gardens with vegetables first and then pack in the flowers once the veg are established.  Last year I planted over 100 annuals in the patio garden and it was amazing and jungle-like...though I only had about a 6'x12' area for vegetables and it wasn't enough for me!  I think I may put a couple of the tomato and pepper plants in here just to have them close to the house. 

My new garden plot is 4'x16' and was supposed to be tilled last night, but the little Mantis wouldn't start.  I had manually cut the sod out and shook all of the dirt from the grass hunks, so it is usable, but I feel it needs a good till before I dump in my many bags and buckets of compost.  I do need to get this done and plant my other seeds by this weekend, as I am having my carpal tunnel surgery on the 10th and won't be able to work in the garden for a while.  At least until I can't stand it and start doing things left-handed!

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