Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hoosier Cabinet Update-with pics!

I started cleaning up my little Hoosier cabinet last summer.  I discovered under gobs and gobs of paint, a nicely-made piece of furniture with beautiful etched glass cabinet doors (under horrid red paint.)  Worth the work so far and the near two gallons of stripper!  My husband has taken over the finishing of the project this summer, as my wonky elbows/wrists can't handle the scraping and the sander for too long.  

We have been hemming and hawing about what color to paint it.  Neither of us really wanted to do it in "just" white, so a white-ish green or blue were going to be the finalists.  But then he finished cleaning up the front of the drawers and we saw these...

Gorgeous drawer fronts!
So we have decided to TOTALLY strip every little bit of paint off and stain it!!!  EEK!  The wood is just too pretty to cover up.  I think it's going to be a beautiful, crazy mix of colors.  But, something you can't replicate.   Here are some pictures to keep you curious!

My hubby's meaty arm working away at the top cabinet half...  

Here's after two applications of stripper...still pretty gloopy!
There was a tambour door!  We probably will have to make one, thank  goodness for You Tube!

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