Monday, June 11, 2012

Jam-Packed Weekend!

My momma, sister and I went to our local pick your own strawberry-blueberry-raspberry-corn farm on Saturday.  Bright and early, 8:30 it was already in the mid-eighties.  We parked our vehicle and walked right into the field. They take great care at this field and do not use any pesticides.  The ground is also covered in straw, so that you can just sit or crawl on your hands and knees to pick.  This also keeps the berries clean, so very little if any, washing is needed.  I didn't wash any of them.  These were giant, delicious and prolific!  


My sister said the weigh/pay booth looked like an international border crossing...
We each picked near 10 lbs. of berries!  My mom made a pie and some jam, my sister froze a ton for smoothies and daiquiris, and I used most of mine to make 6 half-pints of no-sugar strawberry jam, 3 half-pints of no-sugar strawberry-peach jam, and then had leftover peaches so I made peach-lemon thyme jam.  I think I'll whip up some strawberry quick bread or muffins or some hand pies.  

Check out these beauties...
I need to work on my technical canning skills, as I know that my head space could use work.  

Can't wait 'til the blueberries and raspberries are ready!!!

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