Sunday, June 10, 2012

Put on Your Pelmets!

I successfully made a pelmet box!  Finally after my second purchase of fabric-the first was a little "loud" and my husband said it looked like an apron.  So that is EXACTLY what I'm making out of it!  He's always right about things...
So, my second purchase of fabric turned up a lovely turquoise Moroccan-Ikat print.  He liked this one.  The first box was for the window over the kitchen sink, which was 40 inches.  Here's a picture-don't mind the icky blinds, I hope to find something to replace them...

I learned how to make this HERE 

I'll be showing a step-by-step story with the big, 64" box that is just started.  I ran out of steam this weekend!  It was hot, hot hot!  Hopefully I'll work on it this week.  I guess I have to, as I've taken over 1/2 of the kitchen floor and the kitchen table.  JB has declared that he's building me a little counter/worktable someday in there to do my "projects."  He's so nice.  

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