Friday, July 27, 2012

A Birthday Fiesta in the Works

These are the invites that I made for my husband's Birthday Fiesta in August.  His birthday is actually (one of) the dates that is said to be the BEGINNING of the Mayan calendar!  I chose the serpent motif from the Chichen Itza pyramid.  Just so happens I found the perfect paper at Archiver's that had the blue waves on the back and the fun zigzag on the front.  Of course, the fun stickers had to be added too. 

A Taco and Nacho Bar
Tomatillo Enchiladas
Homemade Refried Beans
An assortment of homemade FRESH salsas-my jalapenos and habaneros are growing insanely well-I think I have to pickle some just to save them we have so many!
Tequilas and margaritas will also be served

The piece De resistance:
A Twinkie-pyramid-inspired cake-playing on the notion that Twinkies will survive the end of the world/nuclear holocaust/etc.  Not fully Twinkified, as to make it to scale (9 steps) with solid Twinkies would create a 16"-high and 14"-wide cake!  Who knows what that would weigh.  And surprisingly it'd be expensive. 

Pictures and such will be posted of the food and event mid-August!

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