Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful Boudoir-Highboy Chest of Drawers Addition!

I found this awesome highboy (or chest-on-chest,)  FREE on the side of the road.  Not kidding.  The owner was just putting the drawers in it at the end of her driveway when I screeched to a halt and told her I want it! 

This piece is for my hubby and it turned out amazingly masculine-looking, yet still coordinates with my pretty little vanity.  I decided to get big clear bulbs for this one and then traditional Victorian crystal knobs for my vanity.  We still need a couple more for the bottom drawers, but I have to go to a different store to get them :) 

Thanks for all the sanding work done by my dear hubby
I'm still finishing the mirror for the vanity and will post final pictures of that project when I put it back together and have the hardware on.  Last left on the bedroom fix list is painting the walls, hanging some new curtains and art.  My big girl room is almost finished!

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