Sunday, July 1, 2012

My First Occlusion!

If I seem happy about it, no but I've never had one!  If you don't know, an occlusion is a blockage in the tubing or flexible catheter (needle part) of your insulin pump.  Doesn't happen often for most people, but the pumps are so sensitive they will let you know if it does!  I woke at 4:00 am as usual to feed the cat and test my blood (it's become an agreed upon habit between us) but the inset was in my thigh and the adhesive was lifted up on one side and it felt like it was popped out a little so I pushed it back in and put a piece of tape over it-not really thinking that clearly at this time in the morning and my BG was 103, good.   So back to bed I went.  Woke up for real and BG was 193-not normal, I bolused for that number and the warning bells went off!  Occlusion!  Occlusion!  Hmm, not so smart to have shoved it back in earlier...after taking it out to put a new site in, here's what I saw:


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