Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pelmet Tutorial

Finally here it is!  These are super easy, quite quick and don't cost much at all. 

Things you'll need:
Foam board (use your Micheal's coupons!)
Cotton batting-I bought the crib-size and still have leftovers
Glue gun and glue sticks-I used 2 long ones
Duct tape
Picture hangers or small brackets of your choice

Step 1: Measure your window width and cut or tape more than one piece of foam board together to fit the space if needed.  I made sure it was at least 1" beyond each side of the wood moulding.  Remember you'll add thickness and need to attach brackets.  Mine were 64" long, 9" tall and the sides were 2" wide, your proportions may be different depending on the window size and style.  Duck tape holds it all together nicely.  I did add wooden chopsticks to the middle where I taped two long pieces together so it didn't bend.  You won't have to do this if your window is smaller.  Be creative if you need to make it sturdy. 

Step 2: Measure your batting at least 2 inches bigger than your board and go over the edges.  You'll then glue this down to the back/inside with a glue gun.  You can use staples if you have small ones.  I didn't.  Don't glue anything on the front side, as you want it poofy and smooth. 

Here's how you don't burn your fingers pushing the batting down on the hot glue.  The glue doesn't seem to stick to the masking tape either.
The batting-covered board.

Step 3: Cover your board in the fabric of choice.  If there's a pattern, center it if needed.  Do not forget to leave enough on the ends to wrap around the side pieces.  I pinned the fabric to the foam board to hold it in place.  I glued this down the same way as I did the batting.  Make sure you do not pull the fabric too tight, as you want the nice shape of the batting to look smooth and not lumpy.  I didn't get a picture of this step, but the next pictures show the ends and how I folded everything.


Step 4:  You might need help to do this one-hold your pelmet up to the spot on the window it will go and make sure it will fit!  Also, notice where on the pelmet you would want to attach the brackets.  I only used one per side and small nails.  I attached the bracket with hot glue again.  You can also see how the fabric was folded around the corner and I just glued everything down as needed.  Once again, have someone hold up the pelmet and mark the nail spots on the wall.  I had to do this twice, as of course they were crooked.  Eyeballing and final bending of the nails may be needed.  You're done! 

The finished product. 
Many people put shears underneath or just leave blinds...that's up to you.  You aren't limited to just a rectangle either, any shape is doable.  This is great way to add a non-permanent splash of color to a boring room!  Hope this explained how to make a pelmet easily enough!

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