Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Update!

First batch of big jalapenos are ready to go!  We usually make turkey-bacon-wrapped, cream cheese stuffed, grilled peppers, but didn't have time last week, so I tried some pickles.  Plastic gloves were a must, they were super hot!

An awful lot of mustard seed in this recipe, but hopefully they taste delish!  

My beautiful Trionfo Violetto beans, or as I have come to call them camo-beans and when they're steamed just to heated, they start to lose the purple coloring and look like camouflage.  We had some for dinner last night and they were nice and full-flavored.

Leeks!  They will be used to make potato soup with my potatoes I have growing in pots.

Pepperoncini!  Next to be pickled after the party this weekend.  I didn't realize the plant got so big!  It's nearing 3 1/2' and doesn't look like it's stopping soon.

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The Rocking Cow said...

Paul and I are impressed!