Friday, September 21, 2012

Almost Done Little Hoosier!

The cabinet is painted...yes painted.  No stain for that little puppy made out of different types of wood, of different eras, and some old paint that just wouldn't come off without gouging out the areas.  So paint it is.  I chose a Valspar National Trust Historic color (a creamy color, can't remember the name off hand.)  

This weekend I plan on rubbing off the edges and wearing some areas down and apply furniture wax to get that vintage look.  Pictures next week!  

Instead of the original ceramic-metal, slider counter top, we're going to add a butcher block counter.  My husband hates the metal top for some reason, it grosses him out.  I think butcher block will be lovely and will help it match whatever our kitchen looks like in our future house.  

I really would like a Boos counter with the name showing on a side!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Baby Ate My Snack

I was low at 62 after dinner...due to busy-work painting my cabinet and climbing around on a table and stools like a pregnant monkey-mama.  So, in we go to have a delicious Little Debbie Nutty Bar (my fave) and I eat both bars in the pack, which have 30-odd carbs in it.  Sorta assuming that the rest of my work would take care of the little extra I ate.  Well, after cleaning up after myself and coming inside about an hour later, I feel a little crabby and can't-pay-attention-ish, so I test again and it's 64.  Hmm.  That's weird.

Where'd that Nutty Bar go?  I think the baby ate it before I could have any.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Low-Carb Bun in This Oven!

So we've made the official announcement, we're going to have a baby boy in January! 

Hence the reason I've been MIA lately, besides having my surgery, then going to Flagstaff, AZ for the Labor Day weekend.  But the topic of this post is diabetes-related. 

The dreaded insulin resistance in 2nd-3rd trimester has started...

In the past 2 weeks I have continually increased my basals at all hours to at least double what they were pre-pregnancy.  My carb ratios have also almost doubled at all times.  Today was the last straw though, I had about 50 carbs for breakfast and actually bolused for 60, just to be safe, and 1 1/2 hours later, a damn 300 blood sugar!!  WTF?  I'm just tired of chasing the low carb we will go!

My husband has done the Adkins/low carb thing before and liked it because of course, he loves meat.  I'm slightly "meh" about eating meat, etc. all the time, but feel that high protein/low carb to be the best choice right now in order to get my numbers back in line.  Of course, I will make sure to have carbs every day for the bambino, just trying to keep it to around 50-75 at the most.  I plan on eating my carbs in berries, veggies, beans and an occasional flatbread-ish, low-carb thing.  Our fridge is actually no-carb right now, so that's good.  Except our one cupboard of food is all cereal, crackers, rice, etc. everything I want to eat. So that'll have to be ignored. 

But, I am pregnant after all, so I'm thinking my stash of ice cream will have to stay and make up some of my carb quota of the day most of the time :)

Anyone have any suggestions for being low-carb and pregnant?