Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby is Good for Me

I'm 26 weeks today!  Baby boy is a kicking fool.

After about a month and 1/2 of wrangling my boluses and basals I FINALLY have them working for me!  My averages, courtesy of the Ping meter are a doctor's dream, or at least not a nightmare.  

7 Day: 122
14 Day: 128
30 Day: 135
60 Day: 146

I'm happy with these as they're pretty REAL, with hardly any highs or lows to skew the numbers.  But, as everyone says...don't expect to rest on my diabetic laurels when pregnant, I'll probably have to change everything again next week.  

My Thyroid TSH levels are also in perfect order.  

***Fun braggy note, my wonderful husband bought a Cuisinart Food Processor today!  I'm slightly geeked up about that :)  I'm hoping it matches the toaster...otherwise they can't live next to each other.  
I'll be making homemade baby food for the boy, so this monster will come in handy!  I still have a bucket of tomatoes to process into a salsa so it will be broken in properly.  I'm just thinking of shredding cheese for homemade much better than packaged sprinkle cheese.