Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sh*t Hit the Fan...Part 2

So after the scary appointment and hours in the L&D triage on Tuesday, I had my normally scheduled BPP appt on Thursday.  My hubby met me at the front of my office building as usual at 2-ish and we went to my appt.  Well, my blood pressure was in the 150s...which is bad.  So they let me sit and rest a bit and did the other normal appt. things like measure my belly, etc.  and then at the end it was even higher.  

My OB was not smiling or sugar-coating anything when she said we need to go to the hospital ASAP and get monitored for 24 hours and I am in no way going back to work.  Bedrest for sure.  We were a little freaked out, as she said if my BP didn't go down and stayed around 160 as it was, they may have to induce!  Eek, I was only at 34 weeks!  We went quickly back to my office so I could grab my laptop, cords and clean my space up a bit, since I probably wouldn't be back until April!  Also told everyone that I wouldn't be back for a while either, which surprised everyone since I had had no problems so far and planned to work until right before Christmas.  

We made our way to the hospital where I will be delivering eventually (thank God my OB was able to get me and all my info transferred there, as I wasn't going to start going to that location (closer to our home) until the very end of my pregnancy.)  Let me tell you, it is quite the comfy, nice place as it is pretty darn new.  We didn't even go into the actual L&D area, I was put into the perinatal suites.  Hooked up to heart and blood pressure monitors and had to live on my left side for 24 hours and also do the 24 hour urine testing.  my BP was elevated most of my stay, but it did go down to the lower 140s high 130s with one freakish 160 at 2 in the AM.  The next evening we finally got the protein results and I had a level of 290, which 300 is considered pre-eclamptic.  So I'm right on the edge of that mess.  I was told modified bedrest from now on!  We are hoping that this little munchkin will be waiting until Christmas time to arrive, which will be a little early, but still ok.  

We're just going appointment by appointment to see what happens, as pre-e can rear its ugly head whenever it wants.  I'm surprised how exhausting resting and doing nothing!  I'm ready to start some crafty projects, but not sure what yet.  Any suggestions?  

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